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The KOÓP 55 Ltd is a modern, innovative toolmaker company in Ajka, in Veszprém county.

Our core business is to manufacture plastic injection moulding tools. Furthermore, our cutting workshop undertakes to produce unique parts on the grounds of industrial design or model.

  • planning and producing parts from raw materials,
  • manufacturing parts which are provided with unique mechanic sturctures

Besides our cutting workshop produces unique parts we also undertake milling lease works.

We manufacture tools for high standard industrial products not only for our domestic customers but also to Austria and Germany.

Our machinery represents a high quality technology.

In 2010 we introduced the ISO 9001 quality assurance system which is maintained with audits on a regular basis. Our company employs reliable professionals with experience.

Our main goal is to recognise and put into practical the changing needs. We focus on – besides using the new market possibilities – meeting our cutomers’ requirements.


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8400 Ajka, Bartók Béla utca, hrsz.: 1966/1





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